Simplifying the claims process 365 days a year.

After countless hours of discussions, brainstorming, whiteboard sessions and many of sleepless nights, we are proud to introduce you to Simplify365. Our answer to the common workers’ compensation claim process.

We can give you the gift you can’t buy, time!

Simplify365 has really taken on a life of its own and is the first of its kind. It was originally designed to simplify the claims process through technology for internal purposes, but has since become an incredibly powerful tool externally by creating a platform for all parties involved in the claim process to participate.

We began a pilot project where we gave a select group of adjusters, providers and claimants the ability to log in directly into Simplify365 to take control of their individual needs for each particular claim across all of our services. We created a portal where each individual had the ability to login for real-time status updates, make modifications, authorizations or simply review the case.

Each party is only able to work within their own perspective functions or pertinent information, but all of which keeps the claim moving 24 hours per day.

A groundbreaking platform unlike any you have ever seen before.

This groundbreaking platform is the first of its kind to allow real-time interaction with all parties involved transparently. The list of benefits goes on and on, but the key differentiators are reduction in adjuster’s workload, due to unneeded phone calls or information requests and the speed of processing the claim, which inevitably drastically reduces costs and saves time. Don’t even get us started on the convenience for all parties, including us!

It really has changed the way claims processing is handled and proves how it should be handled from this day forth. We are in the process of completing our full company wide launch of Simplify365, seeing how our pilot program was such an enormous success. We are very excited to be releasing Simplify365 in the beginning of the 4th quarter, which should give you some time to prepare yourself for the initial shock of how this will affect your life in a positive way!

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