The MEDPlus Difference

From the time a referral is received, to the day the claimant's needs have been met, the claimant's personal concierge is monitoring each phase of the process to ensure the claim proceeds in a timely manner. We notify all parties involved on the progress of the claim until the case is closed. A detailed record of claimant, provider, case manager, and third party contact is archived on every referral.

MEDPlus assigns each claimant their own concierge that will personally walk them through the entire claims process until it has been completed to their satisfaction.

DME Services

Injuries and durable medical equipment go hand in hand. We understand the importance of getting the equipment your claimant needs in a cost effective and timely manner. With over 14,000 products in our catalog, no claim is too small or too large for us to handle. We seamlessly drop ship any of these items quickly and conveniently to the claimant’s address of choice.

Our relationship with the nation’s most reliable manufactures, coupled with our nationwide network, gives MEDPlus the ability to offer very competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of care.

Hearing Healthcare

Often categorized as difficult or confusing, Hearing related claims are our specialty. At MEDPlus, we founded our company on this very service and are industry experts. We have processed thousands upon thousands of hearing claims and utilize our own national network of audiologists and hearing care specialists. This is why we provide more than just hearing aids and related supplies nationally, we provide invaluable knowledge on hearing loss prevention and cost-effective ways to put the claimant back to work and in control of their everyday life.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the hearing industry, MEDPlus knows how to manage hearing health care through our world class hearing concierge service and industry leading turnaround times.

Physical Therapy

The MEDPlus physical therapy program has been designed to make the rehabilitation process as painless and convenient for both the claimants as well as the adjusters. Our focus is to take the workload off of both parties, so we can do our job, which is get the injured worker back to work as quickly and cost effectively as possible. We do this through our team of concierges who coordinate the scheduling, manage the providers, authorization requests, reporting and handle all provider reimbursement.

The injured worker has a variety of convenient locations to choose from for rehabilitation sessions. Every phone call, visit or correspondence is well documented and available for auditing at any time. Our aggressive contracted rates, coupled with our ability to manage the care properly and timely, results in significant cost savings to our clients.

Orthotics & Prosthetics

Our Orthotics and Prosthetics specialists have been trained to handle even the most difficult of cases. We work with the Provider, Claimant and Adjuster to ensure that the process is smooth and that the Claimant is receiving the necessary care and products. Our knowledge and experience in "O&P" claims sets us apart. We offer "hand holding" assistance and very competitive pricing on all of our claims.

Transportation & Translation

MEDPlus provides an unparalleled, toll-free communications center where requests for services are efficiently processed. Utilizing the latest computerized telephone network and transportation management software technologies, we are able to effectively manage and consistently deliver service beyond our customer’s expectations.

MEDPlus makes sure that your claimants have reliable transportation along with a clean and climate controlled sedan or van. We are always willing to meet your special accommodation needs and we make sure that all multi-lingual drivers provide courteous and service oriented experiences. To ensure the safety of all claimants and to provide exceptional quality of service, MEDPlus conducts MVR, vehicle inspections, and background checks. Our cutting edge technology system that we have incorporated in our scheduling process allows us to provide prompt up to date information to our clients.

Our Transportation Services include:
Ambulatory, Wheelchair, Stretcher, ALS/BLS, Air Ambulance, Commercial Airline Transportation and Hotel Reservations

Home Healthcare

Through our national network of home health service providers, we are proud to provide exceptional service and pricing on in-home skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy, IV infusion therapy, wound care, injections, blood draws and non-medical nursing aids.

From the easiest of claims, to complex catastrophic care, our specialized team manages every last detail to ensure a smooth transition for all parties involved.

Catastrophic Care

We understand how difficult Catastrophic case can be. Allow MEDPlus to ease the stress and let us apply our knowledge and excellent care for Catastrophic cases. From post acute care to lifelong patients needs, MEDPlus provides all necessary experience and service in order to save time and money for the Employer, TPA and Adjuster.


Our professional, knowledgeable staff can handle any Diagnostic claim that you may have. We will help guide the claimant through the Diagnostic process and answer any questions that he/she may have. With over 5,000 provider locations available, nationwide, we are sure to find a suitable provider within close proximity to each claimant.

Our accurate Diagnostics solutions assist in helping understand injuries, plan-of-care and recovery outcomes that eventually lead to a quicker return-to-work. Each referral is handled quickly through our proximity locator software, and funneled to the nearest provider, or preferred provider, to the claimant. Outcomes are relayed efficiently to the claims manager and treating physician so that a plan of care can be determined.

Allowing MEDPlus to facilitate Diagnostic claims can significantly cut down on the overall cost of claims. Our ability to reduce excess workload for the claims manager, and our competitive pricing can save thousands on Diagnostic claims.

Bill Review

Through our proprietary technology, first class concierge service and provider network, we are able to offer a full-service bill review cost savings solution. Medical bills are re-priced through our proprietary software to ensure our clients receive the lowest contracted cost for all medical services and products provided.

We pay our providers quickly and offer our clients full visibility of all claims processed. Our bill review program identifies bills where continued care is expected and the patient is channeled into an in-network provider to increase savings.

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