Strength in Numbers

We are always looking to expand our vast national coverage of quality healthcare providers. MEDPlus understands the challenges of today's marketplace and the struggles of battling your bottom line. Our philosophy is simple, power in numbers.

At MEDPlus, we strive to help our valued providers strengthen their practice's profits by providing free patient referrals and discounted products and services. Here are some of the benefits for being a MEDPlus member:

See the benefits of becoming a provider.

  • Variety of Patient Referrals - At a time when marketing costs continue to rise, with no guarantee of a return on your investment, incremental business becomes a premium to healthcare practices by providing supplemental income. We cover millions of lives from workers' compensation claims to group health plans, all of which will be funneled into our participating provider offices.

  • Very Competitive Reimbursement on Patient Referrals - We take great pride in taking care of those who take care of us. For this, we supply a larger reimbursement than normally seen in referral based businesses.

  • No Membership Fees - There are no costs to join our membership.

  • Relationship and Practice Building - Our referrals have friends and families, who will have needs at some point. This is great "word of mouth" business to increase you patient base.

  • Discounted Products and Services - Our providers are eligible to get MEDPlus employee pricing on any of the products and services we offer our clients. This is a significant savings from what you would pay in a retail setting.

  • Fast Convenient Payment – We provide the fastest reimbursement payment in the industry. In most cases, payments are made within 10 business days. We also provide ACH deposits!

Feel free to contact our provider relations department today if you are interested in taking advantage of being a MEDPlus provider.

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To Our Current Providers, Thank You!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our network providers for your continual hard work and dedication to our patients.
You make all the difference. Your skills, professionalism and genuine care for our patients have helped make us what we are today.